Re-Introduction of queuing as a 4-man-party in CSGO


Hello everyone,

I would like to know if the old format is going to be re-introduced soon and what other players think about it.
I really think there should be an option to queue with a 4-man-party instead of playing a different 5vs5 ladder or just play with 3max.
My mates and I are most of the time only 4 and we enjoy playing together. We do communicate with a random 5th and still play together in a team with him/her. Having to find a regular 5th is really annoying in order to be able to start a queue and often when we have found a 5th no one else is searching for 5vs5 premades or we do not find any enemies…
It would be nice to know if there will be an option available in the near future for a 4-man-party as it is pretty annoying how the system works at the moment.

What does the community think of it?
Thanks for every answer. I hope, there will be a plan for 4-man-parties soon.


Hi @DiLLi

One of the reasons why 4-man parties are not allowed in CS:GO 5V5 PREMIUM is the fact that parties of four were constantly kicking the solo players which was an abuse.

You can still play with your friends as a 4-man party in CS:GO 5v5 queue and those hubs which allow queuing with a party.


Hi @KeT0M

Thank you for your answer. We never experienced that as we know how solo-gaming with 4 premades can be, so we tried to be communicative, never kicked anyone, etc.

We will give it a go today and search for a regular 5vs5. However, we experienced it quite a lot when it is no-premium that people often leave, do not join, etc. They do not game that seriously compared to premium-lobbies. Also there is no need for an anti-cheat-client when you do not queue premium I guess which is another downside, but nonetheless, we will give it a try and see how the games go on. Maybe we will be surprised in a positive way.
All of us took a 2-3 months break with faceit and started again this year, bought premium for 1 year and now saw that it is not possible to queue premium with 4 man, but I guess we should’ve informed ourselves earlier. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot, have a great day.


I don’t understand why they would ruin the experience for everyone because some idiots kick people. I’ve had to buy ESEA because we have 4 of us who like to player regularly, £7.99 a month or w/e and can’t play with my buddy.

Surely implementing a thing if you have 4 you can’t kick players would be preferable to just making it pointless buying premium.