Raw input off, faulty on faceit servers

Ok so essentially since ive reinstalled windows ive been having trouble using raw input off on faceit servers cause whenever i try and use it every couple of seconds or so when i try to move the mouse it has a not so unnoticable stutter which has put my aim off at times which made me have to resort to using raw input on, which i really am not used to using or like using cause i think the mouse is just weird then, specs: r9 280x 3gb ddr5, fx8350 clocked at 4.3ghz, asus m5a97 r2.0 mboard, and some hyperx ram i cant be bothered too find which, ive found elsewhere that low fps can impact the performance of raw input off but, when i hop into 128 tick dm servers i have low fps yet i dont have this problem so im kind of dumbstruck, constructive help very much appreciated, thx in advance

What about raw input on? It’s hard to say why, because it depends on your pc too.