Rate Throttle Limits



I can’t find any documentation about the rate limits currently in the API, could you provide me with a link or explain how your throttle works please?

Sometimes I’m randomly hitting a 429 response.

I’ve only been testing my app and sending requests for my player data no more than 30 times an hour whilst testing. (it seemed to occur after I tried to query /matches).

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Just to add to this, I also hit a 429 on a single isolated request that wasn’t close in time to any others.


Hi Brandon,
the rate limit for the Data API is about 1000calls/hour.
Can you send me a pm with details of the calls you made so I can check?



The 429 responses in these are confusing me: https://imgur.com/a/IQEdGse


They’re non-sequential. The API is server over multiple proxies and they don’t seem to share the exact state of the rate limit but rather their own bucket. The solution is to retry up to 5 times.


FYI - we raised all apps’ limits to 10,000 calls / hour.

If you wish to get a higher allocation we can increase it if you contact us and let us know how you intend to use it / what you are building!