Rate limit and Chat questions for TF2PL bot



I’m in charge of the bot used by TF2PL (http://tf2pl.com, https://beta.faceit.com/en/organizers/d7ddc9fd-be55-4fbe-852b-d02154d85f38/TF2%20Pro%20League).
I’m using the APIs /match/v1/match and /hubs/v1/hub/:id/membership interested in hearing what you would consider to be acceptable average usage limits. I don’t think I’ve encountered Rate Limit errors or 429s on the API yet, possibly because it’s still in Beta access.
Currently, I hit the match API 4 times every 10-15 seconds (one for each hub, and timing depends on how long processing takes) with the default page size (and it only gets the first page), and the membership API goes through the whole pagination for each hub, 200 per 200, and caches it for 60 seconds. If it’s not required, it will not be refreshed early. For now the whole pagination seems to require only 1 request each, but it might increase as users join.

I’d also like to inquire what would be the best way to run a chat-based bot on your chat structure. As far as I understand, you’re using XMPP, this wouldn’t require much documentation, I’m more interested in how a bot account would be created (AFAIK in the rules you’re meant to have only one FACEIT account per person), and what would be the best way to authenticate it onto XMPP.



thanks for getting in touch.
We are planning to release a new version of the Data API and to launch the Chat API by end of Q1-18.
I see that you already have an account active on our Developer Portal (https://developers.faceit.com).
I will pm you to discuss next steps.
Mzo, CTO