Rank distribution in a match



I would recommend to change the way Ranks are distributed in a lobby when there are high differences in rank in a party.
Having a Rank 9 and a Rank 3 in the same party shouldnt make it a Rank 6 Party. My suggestion would be to have some sort of limit in ELO, after which you get put into a lobby closer to the highest rank.
Example: a Rank 4 and a Rank 6 play together. Since the Ranks are pretty close together they can add up to a Rank 5 lobby in total. The bigger the difference in Ranks, the more top leaning the party Rank should become. So a Rank 3 and Rank 9 dont become a Rank 6 but a Rank 7 or 8 instead. That way the other team is not faced with one player to kill to win, but rather 1 player who is worse than the rest.