Randoms vs Stacks lvl 7-10



If you’re going to play the free queue (solo) 9.99/10 games you’ll be matched against full stacks/premades and you’ll get 4 randoms (solos), atm it’s just frustrating every game to play against 5 premades tryharding when you got 4 solos and everyone does whatever they want (understandable) or some just give up.

I know there’s 5v5 premades only but no one really uses that mode since most for the 5 premades are grinding in the free queue to get matched against solos.

I’m just giving my opinion that this is frustrating like do something like max 3 premades in the normal queue
Or is this some kind of marketing scheme for solo players to buy premium? …

This has happens so often that you already know you’ll be matched against a stack, it’s depressing