Randomly can't queue on faceit anymore


My last game was 15h ago … when I tried to go playing today I just can’t queue. I can press play and it loads for a second, no error message or nothing, just doesn’t queue me up. If I go to party with my friends noone can queue before I leave the party.

Any suggestions?

Join game bug help!
Help me
Can't join queue

alo faceit, halp


Same here. What is going on ?


Im trying to join to queue, but it doesnt let me. It doesnt even state if im banned or not


Same thing for me, how to fix this?


Same here, i cant join queue. How to fix this ?


I can’t start a game search, click the search button and nothing happens


Hello, i try to find a match and just nothing happens i press find and 0000 no message i got banned or something just dont want to find profile link https://www.faceit.com/ru/players/DaedricW


hello anyoane is alive here?




If you’re still having this issue, please contact FACEIT Customer Support.