Queued team with no in-game calls


This is really frustrating, queued a match tonight and got paired with a 4 man from SA, all of whom were in discord. Needless to say, I didn’t hear a single call out all half till I asked if they were in discord and one guy replied “yes”, that’s all I heard. Shouldn’t come as any surprise that we ended up losing.

My issue with this is, why is this tolerated? When you’re reaching upper ranks of 6 or 7+, why should I have to play with a group of teammates who won’t bother to make callouts in-game? It’s just a bad experience overall, and before some smartass says don’t solo que, I can’t have someone to que with every waking minute of the day. It’s a competitive game, and if people won’t take the minimum precautions to play competitively (ie. Not communicate in-game when all it takes is the press of a single button), I believe they should receive warnings or temp. bans for griefing. This is essentially griefing, deliberately not making calls = hindering the ability of the team to play.

Your thoughts?


i mean i understand your frustration, i only solo q, but at the same time look at it from faceits point of view. it would be a hard thing to regulate, and a very frequent thing they would have to review many cases. maybe in the future something will occur but as of now, i highly doubt it happening.