Question about subscriptions, please help


Hi, im trying to play premium and just purchased a supporter subscription - is this enough or do I need a premium sub? I am using the app and while selecting “CSGO 5v5 premium” it wouldnt let me play, so I guess its not enough? And how do I now change this if not since Ive paid for 2 months now (2nd month by accident thinking I was upgrading my account).


I want to add that I thought that the supporter/unlimited option or whatever its called would be enough as I had read this on reddit and someone told me, but I could not find info on it as I was buying and didnt really see a reason why there would be 2 paid options like that without both of them having premium matchmaking. As for trying to find info before purchasing It was a little confusing and I couldnt find anything on it.


Hey @imTanks - Having the Supporter membership should give you access to the 5v5 Premium queue for CS:GO. Can you send me a screenshot of your FACEIT homepage?


Hey, I tried it through the website and not the app, and the option to que (and the “play” button next to 5v5 premium que) was there. So I think this might be something with the app or how it processes a new membership. Although I did restart it multiple times I havnt restarted my PC yet. Im pretty sure its working though but will have to double check and see if the app works in a little while.


Once you have a chance, if you can check the app and see if it’s working or not. If it’s not, if you can send me a screenshot and I’ll report it to the team :).





and thats the web version


@imTanks Is this after restarting? If not, could you restart and try the client again? I’ve reported it to the team as well, as this shouldn’t happen.

Alternatively, Ctrl+R should force refresh the client, which might work.


after restarting client seems to be working fine.


Perfect; I’ve reported the issue to the team - happy gaming!


I just had the same issue. I think the problem is that if you are with a team, and one of the members does not have premium you cannot queue. Even after you leave the team it still persists. A simple reload of the client solved it for me. Good to know for you guys i guess :).

Have a good weekend.