Purchasing a CSGO PREM gift


Hi. i was purchased the gift to my friend, paid for it. but howto activate it ?


You cant buy subscriptions as a gift.


“Gift Sub” button. wtf is it ?


Sub does not activate auto?!


No. I’ve tryed 2 different times. 2 different payments.
Have all of 2 trans.ID’s , screenshots etc.

Check profile , mby lagging or bugging ? idk


Faceit dont release docs about gifting sub. So I have no idea.
Player dont have any notification about gift sub. Mby he need to confirm?!


How ? He dont have any coupons on the menu, nothing. gg


If you bought him sub and he does not receive any notifications or sub is missing than I suggest to request support ticket for more information. They dont have any docs about gifting subs.