Punishment for dodging a game


Dear faceit,
I like your company quite alot.
I use your service for csgo and have a generally good experience.
My only complaint is the high level of “Dodgeing” that occours. (when a player ques into a match but refuses to join, so it never starts.)
I am at the point where, while I prefer your service.
I am willing to spend the time waiting for a que.
But know that it will take several ques before the game actually will start.
So I often just have to que through a different service if i dont have the time to deal with that.
Personally I feel the punishment needs to be far more severe.
I understand some people will get cought in this accidentally with loading in issues or what not.
But personally I find alot of players share my annoyance, I think it would be better for your community, that I get a longer ban the few times I have pc issues. Then to sit through an average of 3 ques AND warmups before I get a game that will start.
AT LEAST in premium.
Thank you for your time. have a wonderful day <3


AND RIGHT after writing this it happend again.


Hi @Caboose2741,

The cooldowns become longer the more often the player fails to perform the required step. For leaving a game or dodging it the ban can last from 30 minutes to 2 weeks.


I hope they will take some serious actions and increase the punishments, just had my 7th game in a row with someone dodging. If we include queing time each time, voting, 5 minutes warmup. thats is already more than an hour spent of my life on absolutely nothing!!