PUG ban



so today i was playing faceit for the 6th or 5th time in my life,i really enjoy your free services,but i just got a huge problem with the ban i got,so i just finished my last game and after the match was finished (we lost) it just disconnected normally,after that i wanted to play one more game,so i went on to queue,but surprise,it just told me i got a PUG ban for leaving matches (2 matches).
now i can’t deny i left one match yesterday because electricity cut off where i live,but the second one,nope,i didn’t leave any match after the one i left yesterday,and why did it give me this PUG ban after i finished my game,shouldn’t it have told me i have a ban before i started my game?
please help remove the ban,i didn’t do anything wrong,you can even spectate the match,i only left for 3-4 mins and came back because i had connection problems,thanks in advance <3