PUBG: Elo System



I think the elo system for PUBG needs to be reworked as it doesn’t seem “fair” at this point.
Right now, the calculations of how much elo you will gain / lose seems to be based on what position you end up on and not your overall performance (K/D, ADD, Survival time, etc.). The elo calculations is also depending on how your teams average elo is compared to the other 15 teams in the game - This means that if you have team that has an average rank of lvl 8-9 and the rest of the lobby is ~5, you will end up losing ~40-80 elo if you don’t secure yourself a 4th place or higher. And you might only end up getting ~15-20 elo for a win.

The system seems like it has just been grabbed from the CSGO elo system - This would also make sense if you actually were queued up with other teams that is around your own rank - This obviously would require alot more PUBG players on faceit.
I think that Faceit should work on a new and more detailed elo system that would go more in depth of how elo ratings are calculated after each game.

I’d like to hear more opinions on this. :slight_smile: