Product Update: Map selection

Thats all I can see.

i am playing the same maps more often now and the maps i deselect, is there any way to bring it back how it was before

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why cant i choose map before we even que? getting inferno games after games. this is so bullshit bring back the old system!!!

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This system dosent work as good. I have all map selected and still I get in games where there is only 2 maps.

Only min 3 maps are allowed so… I pick 3 worst maps and players are mad :smiley: Troll at its best

Its a great idea if it works as intented! If you choose 3 maps like cache, inferno and mirage and que, you end up playing train with no other options, its the only map why is that ??? i havent even put train as a map i wonna play… its not working at all… if i choose 3 maps i should only end up playing one of the maps i have chosen… fix it!

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Bought subscription to play certain maps with friends, turns out they all have to buy subscription…
WTF? Waste of money…