Product Update: Map selection

Hi everyone!

We just launched map selection for matchmaking for CS:GO to allow player to narrow down the map pool selection.

Read our product announcement:

How does it work?

Our matchmaking system takes the preferred maps selected by a player or a party and try to find the best match in the queues.

Since we don’t want to degrade the experience by possibly increasing wait times, we limit how many maps you can deselect and we are currently testing this feature with Premium subscribers only.

Let us know here what you think and how we can improve matchmaking even further.


Why only for Premium ???


whyy only premium comee oooon…!!!

Hey, i think it’s a great idea !
I had this good idea with my teammates…
So what if faceit has a elo grind for teams ?
Basically me and my team struggle to find praccs for our level… So i thought if faceit had a elo grind for faceit teams that we could “pracc” depending on the elo of the other team, would help us find easy praccs and we would playing against the same level of team on the otherside.
Think about it faceit! :smiley:

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Guys thank you so much for this one. This is pure gold. I rather wait 5 min but then play with people the maps we like and are actually good at. So far wait time is still super good!

I found this update to be really bad. I really enjoyed faceit up to now because i never had to wait more than 30 sec before getting a match with good players. But with this update i have to wait over 15 min to just find a single game. There is no reason for this change, the system was really good as it was before.

“wait times don’t increase drastically” - are you sure about that?!
It will become like ESEA or MM, some maps just eventually die out. And we gonna play mirage, dust2 over and over again.
For sake just show each player preferred map bellow each player in match room and were done.

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So much thenks for this <3.Now EZ 10 lvl)

dont like this… to much like esea… whats the point of the vote system if this is in use…

Keep this update only on free queue for premium users, people can abuse this on premium for easier games.

Being able to remove 5 maps out of 8 is too much in my opinion.

I agree with this, some maps are more and some are less popular. This just gives the players that dont prefer certain maps a safespace to not play them and remain terrible at them.

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Stupidest change I’ve ever seen…
Now everyone’s gonna be forced on d2 and mirage…
Sick idea

Stupidest update ever seen…
The ideea is very good, but dont do this on premium, i normaly wait 3-4 min for a match, now im in q with ALL MAPS 43 MIN and i didnt find any match…You sould think that are no players on premium to do this, because the elo affect the Q to, not only the maps that we ban…Do this only no-premium if u want to something with this update…

  • for this update REVOKE IT

guys, you are idiots. you havent optimize this for premium, so i cant start a fuckin game. you must be kidding me. remove this pls. you fuckin broke a faceit. 290 people in quene, wtf is this. Jesus, thanks that u broke faceit premium

@KeT0M from 15 queuing to 205 queuing in Premium, it is an improvement lul.

In addition to what @wizzler has posted and what can be found in the blog post, I have decided to go a little bit more into details from the player’s perspective.

This feature is currently available only to players with FACEIT Premium and FACEIT CS:GO Game subscription. If you are a free player, you will not be able to use it.

If you want to queue for a game with your friends and would like to choose the maps you want to play, all of the players in the party have to be eligible to use the feature. In other words, all of them need to have either FACEIT Premium or FACEIT CS:GO Game subscription.

Eligible players can choose maps when queueing both in Premium and Free queue; therefore, this can also affect free players and their matches.

In order to prevent queue times from increasing drastically, you need to choose at least 3 maps from the list. However, it does not mean that the voting map pool will always be reduced to those 3 maps. It can happen that you will not even ban maps if out of all selected maps, the eligible players share only one in common (theoretical example below in a form of an image).


from nice 2 mins queues to +10 mins with all maps picked…
annoying af!

Just wasted money on premium. Some notes for others:

  • Your whole party needs to have cs;go premium for it to work.
  • You will get matched with other premium players more often, so you don’t get to pick the maps anyway.

It is fine that faceit want to imprtove their matchmaking, but in my opinion this has been a bad update. My biggest problem is that que times have gone from 30 sec to 18+ min. i stopped queing after 18 min so i don’t know how long the que times realy are.

I am waiting in line 20´minutes and nothing happens, I have a premium account