Product Update, 16 February 2018


Priority Support for Subscribers, Better Chat Experience, Hubs Improvements, and much more

Hey all! It’s been a while since our last update. It’s been a busy start of the new year and we have been working on a lot of exciting things. Below you can find a few of the latest updates we released!

On a separate note, over the past few weeks a lot of new partner hubs have launched unlocking, among other things, new experiences like the custom modes launched by PreGame yesterday. We are very excited about the change that these features are bringing into the competitive scenes and are planning to release more information about this in a separate blog post in the near future.


  • Priority support for Premium players
  • Special Event leaderboards
  • Improved Hubs Discovery
  • Better searching for users in Hubs
  • Rich embed links & Chat permissions
  • Remove user from Hub = remove chat history
  • Desktop client memory leak fixed!
  • Matches recorded for the right season
  • Leaderboards display prizes — always!

Premium Support for Premium Users
Since our inception one of our goals has been to offer the best possible experience and be as responsive as possible to the community. At times this can be a challenging task, especially when the community grows.

Over the past few months we have been looking into solutions to provide an even better customer support as the platform grows. While we will continue to further improve this, the first update is ready to be announced: premium support for subscribers.

Waiting for help when you have an issue can be extremely annoying, especially if you’re paying for a service. For the past couple of weeks, premium and unlimited users’ support tickets are processed in a separate queue and have priority with a dedicated team. As a result of this change the average response time of these tickets has decreased to less than 30 minutes vs. ~24 hours, while free ticket wait times increased by only a matter of minutes. This means that, as a premium user, you can now expect your tickets to be responded to first, within a matter of minutes, in order to get you back at playing as soon as possible!.


Improved filtering of Hubs
Earlier this year, we introduced a simple version of our Hub directory in the game’s tab to discover Hubs in an easy way.

We’ve now evolved this to allow you to perform more advanced filtering and find the perfect Hub for you. This includes filtering on Elo-enabled Hubs, game modes, server location, and more!

Searching in Hubs
We’ve overhauled our search functionality within Hubs allowing you to easily find users in the ‘Members’ tab without having to spell the entire nickname correctly.

This improvement is also powering the ban creation tool which was painful to use on users with special characters in their nicknames.

Special event leaderboards
You can now run a special leaderboard in parallel to your season. This could be a power weekend to reward your Hub members with prizes for a limited amount of time or a one-off ladder for that special weekly gathering.

Chat Experience Improvements

Rich embed links
Hooray! You can now easily share your favourite links, directly embedded within the chat. Rich embed links are supported across Hub, team, and one-on-one chats on FACEIT.

Roles in Hubs now have chat permissions attached to them — as of today chat permissions include Mention everyone and Embed links. In other words… no more ‘@ everyone’ spamming in hubs!

Owners and admins of Hubs finally have control over who can ‘@here’ and ‘@ everyone’ as well as who has the ability to embed rich links in chat. These setting can be found under ‘Role & permissions’, chat permissions.

Remove user from Hub = remove chat history
Removing an abusive user can sometimes be painful when all the nasty history is still left in the chat. Luckily, we now remove the user’s chat history in the Hub when that person is removed or banned.

Bug Fixes & Misc

  • Fixed a memory leak introduced by an update a couple of days ago [thanks reddit for spotting it!] which was affecting users in large hubs
  • Solved a number of reliability issues with the hubs’ queues
  • Matches in hubs now count for the season that was live at the start time of the match instead of the season at the time the match has ended
  • Leaderboards now show prizes even when players haven’t ranked yet, making sure that users know what they are playing for
  • The counter showing the number of users queuing in a hub should no reflect the right amount of users in real time

We are Hiring!
We are always looking for talent to join the team and when it’s from the community it’s always the best! You can see all open positions and apply here.

Thanks to Kris West (@Kaostic).

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