Problems concerning CS:GO Missions


Hello there,

a few days ago I finally bought my Faceit supporter tag, which is great. After that, I found out about the missions and was going for the 60 Wins in a month for CS:GO.

Today I logged in and wanted to continue with the mission because I was really hyped to complete it within the month. Sadly, the mission isn’t displayed any longer, but I can’t see a reason why.
Only the CS:GO missions are missing on the mission hub, which looks odd to me.
I read the FAQ and it said that missions end at the end of the month, but it’s not even close to the end of March.

So this is my question: Why can’t I continue working on my CS:GO missions and why did they disappear in the first place? It is a bug that I’m confronted with, or am I wrong?

Thanks for answering,


How do I get Missions?

FACEIT Missions, for the most part, are available only to Premium players. We are still in the process of rolling the Missions beta out so, if you can’t see the Missions page, subscribing to a Premium Membership will not unlock the feature.

There may be some one-off or special Missions that are available to free and Supporter players in the future.

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I did read the missions faq and also I am a supporter, so I should be able to play the missions.
Could you please answer my questions?


The missions are for Premium users only.


Can you tell me why I was able to play the missions at first then? I had a few days, in which I was able to play the missions and collect wins on csgo matches, until the missions disappeared.


Coming out of the beta, some players still had access to Missions as they were in the testing phase. These users have now been removed since we added it as a premium perk .