Problems and potential features with the UI


I have been using FaceIt since 2015, but these problems have just started (Jan 2018);


  • The ELO display seems to be off (Or the ELO you get after a match)
  • I don’t seems to be getting points in my leauge, ELO points, and sometimes the match does not display on my profile

Things that should be added:

  • See last week/month/year performance, this is because many have improved their skill, and the numbers displayed could be misleading
    *Have people select what language they want to be playing with (Russian, English, German, Nordic)
  • “Competetive Map Pool” que and “Other Map Pool”, this is because I don’t want to play dust 2, and it just makes it so one team “looses” a veto.
  • Have inactive players loose ELO over time, this will make regional and country rankings more accurate