Problem with Faceit client (not AC) / проблема с клиентом faceit


The problem is that after update 1.20, the client stopped loading the page in the client. Screenshots below. How to fix?

Проблема заключается в том что после обновления 1.20 клиент перестал загружать гавню страницу в клиенте. Скриншоты ниже. Как пофиксить?


Are you still having this issue?




Have you tried reinstalling it?


yes, when i reinstall faceit client with AC and launch it , then version on loading screen 1.19, but if i relaunch faceit client , then it update to 1.20 and dont work.
p.s. sorry for my english.


The client is dog shit. Face it your client is dog shit and always breaks my game and gives me a vac error leading to me not being able to connect in time and therefore getting a ban. Moving to esea the service here is shit


and this results me spending half an hour fixing the game and verifying game files. want a refund