Problem with CSGO: An error has occurred trying to register the game



I’m trying to register CS:GO with my account so I can start playing on faceit.
I followed all the steps in the FAQ, like steam profile public etc. but I’m still getting the same error message.
“An error has occurred trying to register the game.”
Now I’m posting here, since I wrote a support ticket (with the exact information requested in the FAQ), but support is not answering at all… This was 9 days ago.
Can some admin please look into this? I would like to stream my faceit games and not only match-making…
I really don’t want to go back to ESEA for playing on tick128…

Thank you in advance!


Hi @tomst4r - Have you checked out this article?

Could you let me know your support ticket ID as well?


@Kaostic I have the same problem and I have made sure everything is public as per the link you gave but it is still not working


Please contact FACEIT Customer Support.