Problem joining que for csgo 5v5 daily , monthly and


User -KHESHT matches played is lower than the minimum -1 for ladder Monthly Unranked Ladder.

what the … is this message when i try to find a match solo but when i’m with my friend it is ok and not giving me this message .

any recommendations will be appreciated <3

( can’t play mm cause of cheaters and can’t play ESEA cause of ping :frowning: pls fix my problem FACEIT )

P.S. : I Googled my problem but found nothing

P.S. : And i also use FACEIT AC and i have like 500H timeplay in my faceit-csgo account so there aren’t any problems in this field


You are trying to join a ladder that is full. Scroll down in the Ladder list and you’ll find the daily ladders that aren’t full :slight_smile: