Problem joining hubs from my region


I am from India and recently I wanted to join two hubs available in our region which were only meant for asian countries of which India was one. They had requirements of elo level and to be from the listed countries which I am. But I wasnt able to join any of the hubs as they give me an error that I need to be from any of the listed countries, but I am from India which is among the listed countries. First I thought it could be a problem of the first hub but then i tried to join another hub with the same requirements and failed to join it. My friends are able to join but not me so I dont understand why there is this problem. I am not using any kind of VPN and my region is India. If anyone could please help me with this it would be great.I am not able to join ANY hubs with location requirement.


Have you filled out all of the lines under the “Address” options in your account settings?

Try doing that and if the problem persists open a support ticket I guess.