Problem CS GO


Mistake, I can’t connect a game with the website

dota without problems,doesn’t work with cs go


Такая же проблема, если будет решение, отпишите мне в личный чат пожалуйста!
The same problem, if there is a solution, work me in a private chat please!


Hey @_Sage56 @FanOfNaNi,
I’m not sure what kind of error you get so I will just leave that article here.


Please note: I’ve moved this thread to Community.


The fact of the matter is that all right , like in the tutorial and the game is not linked to Faceit

В том то и дело что всё правильно , как и в том туториале, а игра не привязывается к Faceit


If you still require help, please submit a support ticket.