Problem antycheat


Hello, will anyone help? When I launch antycheata, it pops up the error “You need to upgrade your system to service pack 1” Regards


Hi @szmytku666 - What operating system are you running on?

We have a troubleshooting article on our Knowledge Base for the Anti-Cheat:

“Your system is out of date, you are missing important Windows updates!”

If you have this error, this is because you are using an old version of Windows 7, that does not support SHA2 code signing, which is now required by a Microsoft policy for new drivers signing certificates. There is no way around that, you will have to make sure your OS has the last security updates.

Downloading the following security patch should solve this issue: March 2017 Microsoft Security update

We are aware that some people using cracked versions of Windows 7 are unable to apply any updates because their OS has been modified. There is nothing we can do about that, you will need to reinstall a version of Windows where updates are working properly.


Hello, I am working on Windows 7, I was doing the format 3 days ago, I updated Windows yesterday, I wanted to try today and nothing helped, and I wanted to ask if I could play without that antycheat.


Are you on the latest service pack, and have the latest Windows Security update installed?


I installed and updated, everything was fine and still have this problem :confused:


Can you go to Windows Explorer > Right-Click “This PC” (or My PC) > Properties > Screenshot that and post it here.




Yeah, you’re running Service Pack 1. You need to update to Service Pack 2 :slight_smile: