Prize winning problem please help


Hi recently the january league finished yesterday, in my league ladder 47 bronze league non premium I was ranked first place in the league and expecting to win 12,000 faceit points I was extremely happy. I checked up on the league around 10-20 minutes before the end date and time to see if I was still top of the league (Which I was). After I saw I was top I knew that I had just won 12,000 faceit points, I checked this morning and I had only been rewarded 4,500 points which is the 3rd place reward. I knew this was not real since the two people below me were no longer acive in that bronze league so I want to know why I was awarded less points than I should have…

Kind Regards


Hi @roX_CS - Could you link the Ladder you’re referring to, please?

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@Kaostic do not worry a misunderstanding somehow 2 people passed me in the league, dont know how but they did it… Sorry for the issue caused