Private lobby name and Password not appearing



there’s a problem in Smite Match Configuration where It take so much time to load and when It does the Match name is just Faceit which is inaccurate and there’s no password. This makes it impossible to join or rejoin the match lobby if you didn’t receive an invite.
I hope you will fix this soon



I got banned a 2nd time because of this!Fix your dumb website!I didnt get any invitation in game, and there is no password!How many days you need to fix this problem, FACEIT?


There is an is sue with the match lobby could you fix this asap.


I see people often get banned because they don’t get the invite to the game and faceit doesn’t provide in the last week a password for them. Fix this.It s out there for a week, support have knowledge of this problem and they still let people that contact support to get banned because they are too slow.


I’ve seen alot of people getting banned for this kind of bug. Please fix it as soon as possible :wink:


Hey all, thanks for bringing this up. We’ve got a lot of fixes coming for SMITE very soon (I know, I know “soon”) for issues on both ours and Hi-Rez’ side. I’ll check with the team to see if this is one of them.

Could you let me know when you noticed this start to happen and the last time you saw it?


@Kaostic Every match it happens…the match doesnt start right away…you need to wait a while and if you are lucky you get an invitation in game, and if you dont get that invitation, than you re fucked…you cant join.And you never get the password in match room…you just see - Username: FACEIT…
3 days have passed and the problem isnt solved…


I’ve let the team know about this, appreciate everyone bringing it up!


A fix for the lobby password not displaying should be going in later today. The issue with the failed invite, I think we’ll need more information to pass on to Hi-Rez to investigate.


Today match room worked well…we got the password and the invitation in game.


Good to hear!