Premium requirements!



why cant we just add this stuff so premium can bcom a better place to play, its so fucking anoying geting players that dont speak english or dont even have a mic, like why te fuck do you pay for premium if you dont have a mic, and why can we force every one to speak english in eu region.

  1. players must have a microphone to play premium.
  2. players must speak english/communicate as good as posible in english.
  3. players that are premade must call.

Why is it the players that whant to communicate in english that have to join a hub and not the players that want to speak their main language!

english is not my main language and i dont se the problem with learning a second language like are you going to stay in your own country the hole time and not learn how to speak english so you cant help some one or if you need help and they dont speack your language how the fuck do you fick that?

instead of every one learning more than 20 languages to speak with every one in the eu why just not learn one and speak with every one.

like how is it logical to say that you will not force any one to speak english or buy a mic to play in premium and saying that if you what to speak your main language you need to join a hub but still not forcing english in premium?


my main language is not english, and yes if i wanted to speak my main language then yes i would join a swedish hub.


There is an answer to that question here

Which I Just realized you were the author of lol