Premium is unplayable


I’ve joined the queue, got a match, and then the after the voting process it was stuck on “setting up match” for like 10 minutes until it said “Match Cancelled”. This has never happened to me on the regular free 5v5. So what is the point of having premium subscription if we can’t play it?


u sure u need to hit the refresh button near the top left of the screen?? maybe ur client froze


Yes, sometimes Faceit web client froze


I’m 100% sure, no one in the match room was able to connect.


Iam :100: sure if you had this type of issue admin was there. Otherways you cant end the match! Captain can call Admin if issue still persist.
It happens in free matches too. You dont lose elo so…


I don’t care about losing ELO, I care about not being able to actually play the game. And why do I have to call admins in the first place before the match even starts?


Nothing is perfect.