Premium FACE-IT Mission Glitch?



Premium FACE-IT might have a weird glitch?

I recently got very into FACE-IT (and plan to play for a while). So when I thought to buy premium with some of my friends saying “Theres missions for points that can redeem items or if your crazy enough an entire car!”

I thought that sounded great! And looked at my own current missions, which only offered discount codes. But my friends proceeded to tell me about how FACE-IT has a premium that allows players to actually get missions which in turn gives you points. So, what else to do then support my newly favorite platform for competitive gaming? Well of course buy premium and get the anti-cheat and benefits of having it.
But that’s when the issue came up, I didn’t receive new missions or anything really new at all. Just the same weird discount codes (that I’d honestly probably never use).

In short, was I simply too late to the party to be able to get the missions for the month? Or will it show up later in the month or maybe even show up after a Dev sees this?