Premium account


Hello guys, can I perform premium quests playing with friends without premium account?
or premium quest only in premium ladder?
Thank you!


You both need premium acc.

Can Faceit Premium members enter the same lobby and competetive matches with Faceit free members?

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand a bit, can I do premium quests in a non-premium ladder?


What you mean, give some example?


to complete the quest i need to buy a premium, if I buy it, I can perform it in regular matchmaking. sorry for bad eng :slight_smile:



If you have premium you can play CS GO 5V5 and CS GO 5V5 PREMIUM. This means you can win two leagues in one month.
Remember you can play CS GO 5V5 PREMIUM with regular FACEIT CS GO subscription.

Read about each sub benefits before buying!!!