i am inconter in this almost every single game that premades had the power to make callouts and starts and if u dont listen u automaticlly kicked .
why is that? u should stop able premades to play cuz they destorying premium !
litarlly if u dont listen to them they decide to vote and instant kick u and u getting banned beacuse u “left” the match.

i just had a game with 4 ppl speaking turkish and when i just asked them to speak english so i could understand they igonred me and keep doin what they doin
when i tryed to help them beacuse we had problem with some site as a ct they keep ignoring me and do what they doin .
why should i pay for premium if i get it in normal faceit ? which there u cannot kick
u guys should fix this problem fast beacuse its deny ppl for acutally buying premium beacuse they see there is not point to do that .