Premade only


The premade only queue was supposed to be there for a weekend. When is it going back to normal? Just wondering.


Last week we released an update which included a test for splitting premade queues from solo/duo/trio queues. While this was supposed to be a test limited for the weekend, we decided to extend it by a few days to gather more data. The data that we have been seeing is promising and we’ll probably address the results of the test in the next blog post.

This is what has been written in the last Product Updates blog post.


I’ve read that. But I think the “few days” they’re talking about are extremely long at this moment.

I am happy that faceit is trying to change the queueing system but me and my friends are litterely searching for 10+ mins each game.



Gathering data takes time. Not to mention, IMO we do not know if FACEIT will revert the changes or adjust them or leave them as they are.

I have posted my feedback about those changes, if you want you can read Updates to the premium queue.


  1. Solo players usually do not want to be matched with or against 4/5-man premades.
  2. Parties of four were constantly kicking the solo players which was an abuse.*


Please keep in mind you can play supporter/premium tournaments (depending on your subscriptions) with your friends (if you are playing 5v5 PREMADE, they have one of those subscriptions anyway) -


I understand that. And I am so happy that faceit is doing all these things to better the experience. I was just wondering. No hate towards faceit.