Post do Discord


Hi, we have a discord server for our hubs but we are having trouble figuring out how to make it so the faceit webhook posts to discord whenever a new match is getting started or any other possible outcome.

i’ll appreciate any directions, thanks in advance!


{ “username” : “BrutalCS Twitter Mention”, “avatar_url” : “”, “embeds”: [ { “title” : “{{CreatedAt}}”, “url” : “{{LinkToTweet}}”, “author” : { “name” : “@{{UserName}}”, “url” : “{{UserName}}” }, “description” : “{{Text}}” } ] }

This is a simple body for IFTTT


Sorry but that didn’t do much for me, Discord offers their own webhook link and I have no idea how to make it so whenever the HUB starts we have a message posted in our server.