Possible Bug / Inconsistency with CS:GO match stats




I have come across a possible bug or inconsistency with the way CS:GO match stats are calculated - specifically when a player kills themselves, it appears they are deducted 1 kill (just like in Valve Matchmaking).

This behaviour itself isn’t necessarily a bug, however it does mean that it could potentially give an inaccurate headshot percentage in the match statistics.

To demonstrate, I will use the example for this match (matchId: ea54cdc9-e5f4-4156-9d27-8181464bf159):

  • FACEIT displays player TIMURMACHINA as having 18 kills and 5 headshots (28% HS)
  • This player actually had 19 kills, but also killed themselves, reducing kill count to 18
  • So the actual headshot percentage would be 26%

Now I don’t know the details of how this is calculated, but here is a rather extreme scenario that could potentially arise (perhaps it is already be accounted for):

  • Player gets 1 headshot kill, then kills themselves resulting in 0 kills and 1 headshot
  • Match ends early (via surrender perhaps)
  • FACEIT displays 0 kills and 1 headshot

Again I do not know the full details of how the kill deduction happens when a player kills themselves (maybe it completely erases the previous kill, including if it was a headshot).

Personally, I think kills should not be deducted for a suicide because even though they killed themselves, it does not change the fact that they killed X amount of players throughout the match.

In any case, this is not for me to decide but I thought I would raise this issue just in case.