Plz kill smite



PLZ i mean it kill smite. its better then be like this. i never think this kinda sites go backward but look like smite in faceit try to lose fans. how we never get any explanation for removing 5k ladders? only good thing about faceit was lvl 30 request for new account that take away they take 5 man party to 3 that make no change still same team ups happen with zero given shit and farm this daily ladder and monthly league. but smite was better i remember days with so many games fight over 5k ladders. there was alots of players and was growing but now is a dead no man land. why? plz tell me some one tell me why? why we cant have ladders like dota2? why no one care about smite? @faceit are you that busy with cs go? give us a chance too. after 1500 games i think i have to fight for what i start then just leave it and go. i want to play faceit i want to see it change to the better. tell me you care too.@faceit please try to face your problem for once.