Please start resetting ELO


I have won 11 of the last games I’ve played, this isn’t very fun. I used to only play faceit to fuck around with my mates, because of the very lack of ELO reset, I couldn’t bother playing this many games to rank up. However a couple of days ago I got bit by the old motivation bug. And I won 11 games in a row. They didn’t feel close at all.

Even though some of the stats might suggest that, that is either the cause of there being another guy in my position on the enemy team (so we basically play a 1v1 for 30-50 mins) or me not feeling it at that moment.

Now the reason I’m complaining is not because I’m “too lazy” to play an “n” amount of games to get to my actual skill level(while that is still the reason I never liked faceit), but because I doubt it’s fun for either my team, or the enemy team to watch 2 guys 1v1-ning each other for the win. That is not how cs was meant to be played. CS is a team game, and the only thing I did with my team is try and make them trade with their topfragger, so that I could kill him while he is shooting my mates.


Before I went to lvl8 I noticed than lvl1 is even more skilled than lvl8 thats why I kept me in lvl1. Its like playing MM gn play more skilled game than eagles for example.
And in lvl8 I cant get much different player base as lvl1.
And you can play 1-3lvl or 1-5lvl tournaments to get easy ELO points and Faceit points. So I dont know why even wanna get lvl10.