Please help! My "mission" list is hide


I have full premium account. I was playing today and complete some part of month mission. I need to win 60 game in one month, I god 12/60 or like this, and now I am login and saw that I can complete only ECS mission and get only ECS award. Where is my CS GO mission? Where he is?

PS sorry for my bad English but I need your help cause I don’t not what I need to do and who can help me.


same I got 28/60 but now it is ECS missions instead of premuim I need help too

My missions changed from Premium to ECS. Why? What I need to do to change it/ - my topic


I won 3 games and I must have 31/60 but because of tihs bug i got 3/10 ECS missions


I have this problem too , CS GO missions is gone , my proggres 39/60 , its bug guys?


Hey all; this issue should be fixed today for you!


Could you please see this thread: Mission Reset Thread