Please help,can't connect to csgo


I already set my steam profile to public,and other browsers has same problem.
I never have VAC. Plz help


Sorry to hear you’re having issues - can you please take a look at this thread?


That thread does not work, I have a month with the same problem and I do not receive any help to solve it. Write it in the forum and delete it without further ado, it is regrettable but face it is dead. Do not put links, put solutions.


Besides, it is not good to write to support, since it is not attended by anyone. From there it is likely that face it is already abandoned


@Shepard - as far as i can tell, you’re posts are more about the design of the site. If you’re contacting the support team for this, they won’t be able to do anything to assist you with this. It’s a design complaint, not a support issue.