Please give us the option to gift premium


My Russian friend is level 10 on faceit, and has never had the experience of playing premium before.

I would really like to gift him a subscription for premium, but apparently, the only way to do it at the moment, is to log on his account and buy it on there (which he doesn’t feel safe about).

Gifting subscriptions was suggested over two years ago; (2015) (2016)

Please work on it, or make an exception of some sort >_>


This would be nice to see! You’d be able to give your friends a happy surprise for let’s say Christmas!


Hi guys, this is something which is planned for the next months :wink:

Still no option to gift Supporter Subscription?!

I would love to see this within the next few days, since Xsolla wont allow me to buy premium or supporter (Error 3032)
I’ve explained everything for them and they still choosed to have me blocked, and the support for Xsolla is so fucking slow, been taking me 4 weeks now and got like 2 replies :rage:


Hello @Swill has this feature been implemented yet?