Please fix Danger Zone's ladder

So, I’ve played 2 DZ matches today, and won one. Still, by some reason, two guys who played 2 and didn’t win any of them (but still has the same score than me) and a guy who just played and won one are ranked higher on the ladder. Why? I’ve played more than them, and I’ve also won more than them.

How does this work? It’s by average placement? By sheer luck? I honestly don’t understand it.

By being 6th I would also be winning the same amount of points as the others who played one game and ended like 4th or something.

Please, make this ladder worthy of the efforts from the players, make it so the 2nd place gets more points than the 3rd place and that you win at least 1 point for playing, because you can be in the ladder without even joining the server once it finds a game.