Please, can someone please bring my temporary ban counter


hello faceit team I got a temporary ban for not enter the server because my game crashed it was the technical fault of my pc I understand it very much but I’m a player with premium and when I do not enter the server gets a temporary ban for 8 hours and the player who does not have premium gets a temporary ban for 30 minutes later, as I will be the same situation, he will give me 2 hours and I get immediately 8 or 9 hours later I wrote about it to support me
Sky (FACEIT) I asked him to check for me, to see my situation, but as you can see it is without result. there was still 2 days to the end of the month and to get points in the learner
so please, I am asking you to consider my request to unban me and I am sorry again
thank you in advance .
also the my ban cooldown is still same like beafore
again i have 9 hours ban is not a sorted out about it like this admis Winston say to me
ther are is sorted out but is not also please suport for make this ssroted out pleese i pay for it each month and i have that long temporary ban please for answer please respond faster and making fine with that
Best regards
DestroYer25 "sebastian mical


Hi DestroYer25 , thanks for contacting FACEIT Forum!

You addressed the administrators, but here you will find maximum assistants like me, create a request for technical administrators who will give you the necessary answer.

#Thank you for your questions, with love Florein