Please ban these people


These kids were throwing all game by sitting in spawn and telling the other team where we were all game. Please review the demo and ban these guys. The rounds they played they saved and wouldnt rotate, and would call out our positions, not to mention refusing to plant and block eachother in corners all game. One of them said in the match room that he would be throwing.


Have you reported them? If so, they’ll get their punishment when staff is able to review it. They’ll get their justice, don’t sweat it.


There is nothing to do with the staff.

If they get multiple reports from room, max they can get is 24h ban! They will play and play. Thats how it works.

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Thanks for the info! I thought reports under the griefing category were reviewed, I was wrong.


2 years ago ye but now even live Admin can only solve server problems.

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