Please add a blocking feature



you can improve faceit but putting a blocking feature like what esea is doing with the .block because sometimes a guy would be the most toxic player ever and i dont want to with him at least


Unsportsmanlike Conduct
1 Day - 3 Months


im not asking for a report feature im asking for a blocking feature


This question was asked multiple times before!
Only option is to report player.
If Faceit had block feature than there will be only 1k players each day like ESEA!


i honestly don’t care if thats the case at least i wont play with a guy that has a 0.50 cent mic that i played before


or a guy that haven’t talk the whole game


Everyone who wants to play CS:GO on FACEIT platform is welcome to do so.


and cause there isn’t an option to report a person that doesn’t have a mic i don’t really have a valid reason to report them


i don’t care if they bought the game to play this game i didn’t buy this game to get yelled at or a person that doesnt know whats a mic


You should understand that players who said that don`t care because most of the time team mates are annoying.


that doesn’t give them a free pass to not use a mic


Free matches what you expect. In free matches you can have players who don`t know how to aim. In premium you need to use mic because you can get kicked.
You just have free experience.


also there is no 5v5 premium queues in asia
that could also be a good feature


Because no one is playing 5v5 in this region.


maybe if you added benefits like for instance giving 5 v 5 premium queues maybe people would buy premium


Faceit turned off features in each region based on player activity.