Player SteamIDs in Member data?


Hello, Currently. I am using the FACEIT Data API to do a variety of things, however a current issue is I would like to properly make sure two player’s steamids are the same by pulling all members of my hub. /hubs/hub_id/members.

That response data only returns user_id, nickname, avatar, roles, and faceit_url. It does not contain a player steamid. Could this be added?


Could you not then link then use the user_id to pull the steam id from the /players api?
I know for a fact that the /players?nickname= request returns the steamid.

Obviously it would be better if the FACEIT api contained this in the members section of a hub but we don’t know when they might release another API build.



Indeed - that’s probably the best option. I don’t think it would be easy to support as hubs are used in different games which means not all of them would have steamids. The best way would probably be to call the players api for each of these members.

Is there a specific reason why you need steamids of the players?



Are hubs not locked onto a single game one created ?
Matches’ Roster models are able to deliver these fields:

      "game_player_id": "string",
      "game_player_name": "string",
      "game_skill_level": 0,

Unless the internal models used by both are completely different, I feel those could be added to the HubMembers model
I’d be interested in using both of those but requesting those for each user would burn through my rate-limit or make it a day-long process, for the moment I just cache the latest value from the Match Roster values, therefor some users are missing data.



I decided to go a different route all together that doesn’t use the FACEIT API for retrieving a players steamid.