Player profile url returned by API = 404 not found



Hello, I did a API request for a user and it returned everything right but when acessing the profile url it says 404 not found.

Assuming that profiles cant be deleted, why would it happen?


Hi Tugamars,
can you give me more details about the call so I can investigate?



Hello, sorry it took me a while to answer, I would prefer if i could send the details in private. Discord or something?

Thanks in advance


Hi Tugamars,
you can send me details via pm.
Anyway, if you hide your APIkey from the details, you can post it here… maybe can be useful also for other members.



It says here I cant send you a PM. Can you open it or send me so i can answer?



Writing here for the record, maybe it can be useful for someone else:
it’s not true that a profile can’t be deleted. It’s not a self-service action, but it can be done contacting our support.
The account that was returning 404 was a deleted one.



The rules (game account cannot be removed or moved) for deleted profiles are the same as deactivating the profile?
So what’s the difference?


deactivated accounts are removed from our platform, but they can be restored at any time if the owner request it.
Deleted profiles are totally removed from our platform, without any way to restore them.



What about rules?