Player Cheating the Ladder System


I have found a player who I not 100% sure is fairly on top of the ladder, the 2nd player on the ladder has 253 points, whereas this particular individual has 756 points. Considering it is a silver league ladder I don’t think this is possible without illegal methods. The player in questions name is [REMOVED BY MODERATOR], I’m not a 100% sure but I just want this brought to the admins attention and have it investigated, who knows he might be super good. There have been cases of people cheating the ladders in the past, that is why I’m suspicious. I checked yesterday and he was on 500 points, how can he get 250 points in just one day, yet is winrate is 49% and his match history is full of wins. Something is just not right.


I’ve edited your post since we don’t allow posting accusations in the forums.

If you have a reasonable suspicion, please send a support ticket: