Player behavior


In the last fev days i had 6 games where temmates started calling positions to the enemys. we obviously lost all of them. me and my mates lost the elo and the enemys obviously got free elo. today i played my last game on faceit because the suport and report sytem doest do anything against it. its not difficult to have People that are reported by the entire Server overwached and permanantly banned the elo we lost should be given bag and the elo the others wonn should be taken away just like the mach never heappen. the ignorance of the responible authoretys is unaceapteble. ass if now you lost me as a paying Player on your mm Service and if you carry on with the same attitude towards your Players that you have now ther will be sonner then later no playerbase lef that uses your platform. your idea of the better mm experiance hase faild drastikly. if you dont belive me Maybe just Maybe go pay your own game .


You can report players but you know what is the outcome…