Platform information is out of date. Please contact support



Help me i don’t play game… For this error : Platform information is out of date. Please contact support.


Hello @xgaN , please make a support ticket linking your steam URL .


Thats support can’t understand me. ı say ı cant add csgo for this eror platform information is out of date.

Support is say ’ Unfortunately, we’re unable to remove your Steam or move your Steam or Game IDs to a new account, this will not work as Steam and Game IDs cannot be delinked from FACEIT as per our Terms & Conditions.

Please follow my initial email to you in regards to whether you want to reset your password, if you need to update your email address, or as requested if you do not have the information requested we require photo ID to prove the account is indeed your own.


Based on your other posts, I do believe that FACEIT Customer Support understand what your issue is and their reply is accurate.

Either way, account issues need to be addressed to them.

Please do not create more posts about this issue.