Platform information is out of date, please contact support


I can’t add CS:go… Title says the issue.

Thanks in advance!


Your information has been passed on to the team and will be fixed relatively soon :slight_smile:


You fixed the register issue, but I still can’t connect the game because it is linked to another account apparantly?
Before going on the forum, I tried fixing it myself by linking that Steam ID to this account: I assume that is the issue? What can I do about this?

Thanks in advance!


Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, it cannot be removed. If your Steam account has CS:GO linked to a FACEIT account already, it stays there.


Yeah but the problem is both accounts are linked to the same Steam ID, but I can’t play Faceit on neither of the two accounts. You should not be able to link 1 Steam ID to more than 1 Faceit account right? So I think something went wrong here, because both accounts are linked to the same Steam ID, but I can not play Faceit on both accounts…


I think it’s because there was something wrong with first account that I was able to link it to a second account…


I believe you can connect a Steam account to two FACEIT accounts, but you won’t be able to add the same game on both (for instance, you can’t have CS:GO on both).