Paying for premium to get trolls?


basically, i pay every month just to play against random ass trolls who just want you to loose? why the fuck isnt there live admin support for this kind of shit? why faceit just hugs the $ and wont act? reporting seems to be fucking useless also. is it really time to move to ESEA?


if its such a pain then why are you still playing on faceit, no one is forcing you to. move back to esea and complain, every game has trolls, cheaters, and noobs welcome to the real world buddy


esea is not better my friend :slight_smile:
I have the same problem like you ! I have retards which flame after 1 loose round ingame and trolling with “GG” and so on !
Also i dont understand why i have only russky in team !
Otherwise they will change nothing @ faceit because they only see the $$$$$$ in they eyes :slight_smile: